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Dealer Watch Feature Release: Workflow

By December 12, 2018February 4th, 2019No Comments


Why Workflow?

The release of this exciting Workflow task management feature was created with productivity in mind. Dealer Watch users now have enhanced control, collaboration, and ownership opportunities. They also have the ability to create a sense of urgency with tasks that require special attention. Keep in mind that Dealer Watch allows an unlimited number of users for each account, so you can get your entire team organized and informed on one simple platform. Managing your online presence relative to reviews, listing management, and social media is easier than ever with Dealer Watch Workflow!


Within the Workflow section of the Dealer Watch platform you’ll see several updates. A few of them include the ability to respond to reviews via a scheduled task, the escalation of urgent tasks, being able to see real-time alerts, responding to a social post, creating custom tasks, and deleting duplicate listings. The main theme revolves around the creation and management of tasks, so let’s start there!

Creating Tasks

To keep things streamlined, tasks can be automatically or manually generated. As an admin, you may want to utilize the automatic tasks for common projects that frequently occur, such as when a customer submits a review below three stars. To do this all you have to do is create a rule under the “Settings” section of Workflow. Then, select whether the rule and the subsequent task relates to reviews or listings. From there, all you have do is create and manage your rules accordingly. They can be changed at any time!

When in need of a specific or custom task, clicking the “+ Create Task” button on the right side of the Workflow homepage will get you started. Staying organized is simple with options to include a task description, due date, status, assignee, priority level, and a task ID. For example, customizing the priority level of a review below three starts to as ‘high’ helps to ensure that those reviews get answered and resolved as soon as possible. Reviews that receive four or five stars could then be set at a normal priority level.

Finding Tasks

In addition to getting information across clearly for all team members, task details make it easy to find a specific one and check on its status. With the comments and history section, you can add extra details or ask about the progress. Advanced filters allow you to view all the task assigned to a specific person, the ones that are in progress, overdue, or the ones related to a specific location. Color-coding and clean icons streamline the process visually.

Admins have access to both approve and assign tasks, while other members are limited to commenting and submitting tasks for approval. This is particularly helpful when it comes to responding to reviews – the admin always gets to make sure the post looks correct before the response goes live. Another handy feature is that task automatically get marked as ‘complete’ or ‘in progress’, so there’s no need to worry about forgetting that extra step.

Task and User Reports

Let your hard work speak for itself. With both task and user reports, providing a composite look at the projects your team is working is just a few clicks away. With Task Reports, you’ll be able to create a document with all of tasks started and completed, as well as month over year comparisons, resolution times, and more. Proving results can often be the game-changer, which is where the correlation between the number of tasks completed and the Local Brand Visibility (LBV) Score comes into play. As new posts get added, reviews get responded too, and local listings are optimized, the LBV Score will continue to increase! Meanwhile, you can monitor and encourage individual team progress with the User Reports. They may even want to use this report themselves to see how they are doing and set new goals.

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