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Dealer Spotlight: Marc Jacobson Toyota

By April 25, 2012April 24th, 2020No Comments

Formerly of,  Marc Jacobson Toyota has upgraded their site in a big way.  Gone is the old drab and dreary, paint by numbers, generic site.  They’ve moved on up to the latest in lead generating seo and a unique website that will help them stand out in a crowded North Carolina market.

“We’re in a  metro market,” Kate Frost, ad agency manager for Marc Jacobson said, “which means SEM is very competitive and very expensive.”   Dealer eProcess got rid of their old framed in inventory and added in custom pages that gave them better SEO and set them apart from the rest of the sites in their market.  When they set out to get a new site, lead volume and seo were both huge priorities.  “We hope to eliminate some third party lead providers.”  Frost said when she spoke about the lead increase she saw off the first day alone.

“The ‘get a price’ button was hands down the best thing about our new Dealer E site.” Frost added that they got 15 leads on the first day alone just from that feature.  Other sites, like North Park Mazda, also saw huge gains in leads from day one.

Marc Jacobson Toyota’s new site emphasizes form and function.  They have a colorful new design that looks different from any other site in their market and is easier to use.  Making the site easy for customers to navigate was a huge priority for Kate and crew.  Their new Dealer eProcess site includes a comprehensive easy to use online inventory with easy access for both the customer and the user.  That along with Dealer e’s state of the art lead generating system will put them on the cutting edge of dealer websites in their highly competitive market.