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Dealer Spotlight: Bill Macdonald Ford

By March 27, 2012April 24th, 2020No Comments

                Formerly of Dealer Direct, Bill Macdonald Ford has upgraded their website to the latest in SEO and lead generating sites courtesy of Dealer e- Process.  “The internet department of a dealership will live and die by how well it does in Google searches,” said Troy Piper, internet sales manager at MacDonald Ford.  “We wanted to get away from the cookie cutter websites that were designed to keep every franchise store looking the same.  The SEO is not state of the art on franchise websites.”

award winning live chat.  All this was designed to fix one of their biggest problems, they weren’t keeping viewers.

“It is our belief that we need to keep the customer on our website as long as possible and keep them engaged.” Troy said.  We felt it was important to engage our customers early and often as soon as they got on the website.  Other dealers in our market were using