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Dealer eProcess Signs with CreditMiner for Soft Pull Technology – Introducing SARA

LISLE, IL, APRIL 4 2018 – Dealer eProcess, the leading automotive website and digital marketing company announced today that it has signed with CreditMiner for soft pull technology, delivering a brand-new digital retailing tool, SARA (Smart Automotive Retailing Assistant). This 3-in-1 product offers a state-of-the-art retail solution for both the dealer and consumer, allowing users to complete the time-consuming steps of the car-buying process online.

SARA seamlessly integrates onto a dealer’s website and walks the consumer through the user-friendly steps of the digital retailing process.

SARA’s Digital Retailing incorporates soft-pulls via the eCredit App, giving dealers the ability to prescreen their customers without a SSN/DOB. This provides the dealer with the customer’s real-time credit score, along with a detailed account of their current auto loan. In turn, this feature instantly pre-approves qualifying customers based on captive credit tiers set by the dealer.

The Trade-In tool works by pulling the customer’s vehicle valuations from Black Book or NADA guides. The tool then uses data from CreditMiner to perform an equity calculation which gets added to the deal. Dealers can customize questions about the vehicle’s condition and the customer’s driving habits, and also gives users the ability to upload photos and videos of their vehicle to get the most accurate value possible. In addition, the customer will be able to view OEM incentive stackable data that applies to their situation.

SARA ups the ante when it comes to getting a customer excited about purchasing a vehicle. Based on the user’s data collected from the eCredit App or the Trade-In tool, they can see their trade-in equity calculation, finance or lease offers, captive lender rates, tax data, dealer fees, and even select vehicle add-on’s and accessories. With adjustable down payment fields and term lengths, the customer can go through the entire buying process in a few simple clicks, print out their offer, and walk into the showroom to seal the deal.

This frictionless tool is accessible throughout the site and has the ability to store and move user information from one vehicle to another without the consumer having to start the process from the beginning each time.

“Digital retailing isn’t going away anytime soon. I thought it was important to bring to the automotive industry a digital retailing solution that is far more advanced than the fancy payment calculators that we have seen pushed into the market thus far. With our new release of SARA (Smart Automotive Retailing Assistant), we have eased the customer’s perception of a painful in-store dealership experience and turned it into a time to celebrate the vehicle delivery. We have connected all the critical pieces of the process such as soft-pull (real-time pre-approval), trade-in evaluation with equity calculation, OEM incentives, captive lenders, taxes, accessories, extended warranties, and more to make this possible. Our team is proud of the results.” – Joe Gillespie, Dealer eProcess, Owner.

Dealer eProcess is taking a leading edge in the digital retailing business, and SARA is only the beginning.

Learn more about SARA.

About Dealer eProcess

Dealer eProcess is the industry leader in automotive websites and digital marketing. Dealer eProcess has won dozens of awards throughout the industry and is recognized by the experts as the most technologically-superior website and digital marketing solution for automotive dealers. Dealer eProcess is headquartered just outside of Chicago, IL, and has offices in Washington and Arizona. You can learn more about Dealer eProcess on their website:

About CreditMiner

CreditMiner is the automotive industry’s leading real-time prescreen provider, providing dealers instant access to credit bureau data within their Virtual Credit Consultant and DeskMiner tool. CreditMiner provides a solution for franchise and independent dealers by giving them a true snapshot of what their customers can afford, allowing them to match the right car, to the right customer, with the right financing options every time. CreditMiner is headquartered just outside of Chicago, IL. You can learn more about CreditMiner on their website:

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