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Dealer eProcess Releases the Online Virtual Credit Consultant

By February 26, 2013 March 28th, 2017 No Comments

CHICAGO — Statistics show over 75% of Americans have a credit blemish that may adversely affect their ability to get an auto loan. This has caused an increase in the number of consumers turning to online credit applications to get prescreened prior to visiting a new car dealership and starting the shopping process.

The typical online credit application on a new car dealer’s website is overwhelming and cumbersome, causing most consumers to leave the site and search for a user friendly alternative. Virtual Credit Consultant, powered by Transunion, provides consumers with a simple and easy to use application to get pre-approved for financing for a vehicle.

Joe Gillespie, Dealer eProcess Owner and Founder of Virtual Credit Consultant, has been building websites for dealers for over 8 years. He explains that The credit application page on a dealership website is the 2nd most viewed page, but for most dealerships it is not generating online leads because consumers do not fill out the complicated form.

The Virtual Credit Consultant is a new process that provides the consumers with a hassle free way to get pre-approved. They do not have to provide their social security number and the application does not negatively impact their credit score.

Gillespie said, “We found consumers turning to online credit applications before stepping foot in a dealership to buy a car. Understandably, consumers are embarrassed when they take a car home only to receive a call from the dealership two days later saying their credit wasn’t approved and the car needs to be returned.”

Statistics show that leads generated from a dealer’s actual website are 50% more likely to buy than those bought from a third party, and Dealer eProcess’ ultimate goal is to increase form completions.

Virtual Credit Consultant does not ask for a social security number and utilizes the “soft pull” method, meaning the credit check will not show up on the consumer’s credit report. These two factors alone will increase the number of credit applications a dealership receives.

“Our innovative program will help you retain web searchers and convert them to buyers. It is a fully interactive and responsive program that will dramatically increase the number of credit applications you will receive on your website,” Gillespie said.

The Virtual Credit Consultant program walks potential buyers through three simple steps of getting financed with instant pre-approval and no embarrassment involved. Fully customizable and 100% mobile adaptive, virtual credit consultant automatically reads a consumer’s device and adapts to it specifically for optimal performance.

For more information, visit Virtual Credit Consultant.

About Dealer eProcess:
Dealer eProcess builds car dealer website marketing tools that effectively provide stronger traffic, leads and sales for auto dealerships. Dealer eProcess maximizes leads through effective SEO and SEM management. Dealer eProcess leverages car dealer search marketing techniques to transform SEO hits into qualified traffic and sales leads for your auto dealership website. These tools can help reorient the focus of dealership staff from dealing with constant website maintenance and help generate improved sales performance and enhanced profits for the dealership.

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