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Full Transparency & Reporting On Your Digital Marketing Mix

By April 16, 2015April 24th, 2020No Comments
Car Dealer Marketing

Executive Marketing Dashboard

Car Dealer Marketing Report
Car Dealer Advertising Chart

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DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., April 16, 2015 – Dealer eProcess is proud to announce the launch of its latest Dashboard feature, the Executive Marketing Report, which optimizes car dealers’ entire digital marketing portfolios.

The report pulls metrics from all types of advertising outlets including Google, Yahoo/Bing, Craigslist, Lotlinx, and Pandora in order to give car dealers a comprehensive analysis of how best to spend their advertising dollars.

“Using our new Executive Marketing Dashboard Report, we are able to spend a dealer’s advertising dollars more efficiently than ever before,” said Megan Glick, Digital Marketing Director for Dealer eProcess.

Now that Dashboard is completely integrated with Yahoo/Bing, dealerships are provided with the same detailed reporting that Dealer eProcess has always provided with Google.

A brand new user-friendly Sales Funnel Distribution graph is the Executive Marketing Report’s highlight. The sales funnel helps dealers understand what types of advertising they are using to reach shoppers, whether it be branding, direct response, etc., and how the budget is allocated across different types of advertising.

Media Channel Reporting

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Each funnel details how much the dealer is spending for a specific campaign and how many page views they are receiving. Example campaigns in the high funnel are display advertising and branding; mid-funnel campaigns include competitor campaigns, and more; low funnel campaigns include inventory-specific ads that match exact cars and sends a direct message to the user.

The Advertising Overview section of the report also details Spend Per Channel and Sessions By Device. Spend Per Channel is a simple, visual way for dealers to see how much money they are spending per advertising outlet or channel. Sessions By Device reports the percentage of users shopping by desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

The Channel Overview section of the Executive Marketing Report compares each advertising channel or outlet to each other. Dealer eProcess decided to look at the most-often viewed metrics for each channel to determine its effectiveness.

Dealers can also focus on specific goals relevant to their dealership and compare Average Cost Per Click and Conversion between channels. If a dealer sees they are getting more ROI on one channel, they could allocate more advertising dollars to that particular channel.

“With the ability to compare different advertising channels to one another inside a single dashboard, we can now optimize a dealer’s entire digital marketing portfolio,” said Glick.

Comparing Yahoo Google Bing Conversions

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The Remarketing List feature allows dealers to see how many users are being followed online and for how long; this way, dealers can decide to run new campaigns based on the data. If 2,000 users looked at a Toyota Camry on the website, for example, Dealer eProcess can show those 2,000 users ads for the next 180 days. If a user comes back to the site during that time, the 180 days will start over.

The Analytics Overview section provides statistics from all advertising channels and includes metrics such as Total VDP (Vehicle Details Page) Views, Total SRP (Search Results Page) Views, Cost Per VDP, and Cost Per SRP. Referral sources show how much of a dealer’s website traffic is dependent on advertising.

“This new report gives our customers increased levels of transparency and control; offering them peace of mind in knowing that their marketing budget is always in the right hands,” said Glick.


About Dealer eProcess:
Dealer eProcess was the first website provider to offer dealers an Adaptive or Responsive Website Design. Operating across Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Holland, Dealer eProcess offers an integrated suite of products with each product and service designed to be best in class. Products include everything from SEM and chat to specialty websites, an assisted service scheduler, and an assisted pre-approval system. For more information, call (877) 551-2555 or visit

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