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Changes to VDP/SERP Website Pages After A/B Testing

By May 28, 2013 August 20th, 2014 No Comments

In search for the perfect formula to give its dealers more opportunities (LEADS), Dealer e Process has been hard at work A/B testing which colors to use on its highest performing lead forms, Get e Price & Confirm Availability. There has also been a change to highlighting vehicle “Specials”.

As shown in the illustrations below, these changes will affect the SERP page and the VDP pages of all websites that have not been altered from their original state. Any dealers who have made changes to these forms whether text or color will remain unchanged.

Confirm Availability = Changed to “Click to Confirm Availability” and changed to “green in color”.

Get ePrice = Changed to “yellow in color”.

Specials = Changed to “red in color”.

The changes made to these parts of the website were decided after the results of A/B testing was completed by piloting dealers. The results are below.

Click to Confirm AvailabilityLeads increased 42%

Get ePrice Leads increased 68% (in some cases – Bill Estes Ford increased 300%)

SpecialsHeat mapping showed much more activity than previous green color with 21% more clicks to these pages.

Here’s The Tip: At the end of the day, all dealers are looking for is contact information from a customer (an opportunity). The way we ask for it is a completely different story. A/B testing is critical with in determining what is pleasing to the eye. All lead form words are not created equal when surrounded in color!

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