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Dealer eProcess Expands Business to Holland

By February 23, 2016 March 28th, 2017 No Comments

Dealer eProcess is expanding its market across the Atlantic. Autobedrijf Noteboom, and Aben van de Schelde dealers in Holland, have launched a responsive site, which makes it easy for users to navigate and access easily. Superior search systems allow for accuracy, and Dutch users will find the site’s aesthetics and easy-to-use design pleasing and efficient.

Vincent Jorritsma is the founder of Webuildretail, the European partner from Dealer eProcess, and praises Dealer eProcess and its innovative website design and claims, “ we chose to work with Dealer eProcess because their technology is unmatched by other website providers. Dutch dealers’ main concerns are the website’s design and aesthetics, and Dealer eProcess is able to provide us with a layout that meets our high expectations regarding our stylistic standards, along with the technology to back it up.”

“The website providers in Europe differ in quality, and Dealer eProcess provides us with both superior quality and capability,” explains Vincent. “Not only is their platform exceptional, but we enjoy working with Dealer eProcess and believe we share the same values when it comes to work ethics and business relationships.”

Dealer eProcess and Webuildreatail joins forces to expand its sites within the Holland market, and tailor them specifically to the culture, and needs of Dutch geo targets.

About Webuildretail
In 2014, Ernst Gleijm and Vincent Jorritsma founded Webuildretail to work closely with automotive companies and help them stay up-to-date with changes in web development, social media, and the sales industry. They noticed that the automotive industry was struggling to keep up with all of the fast-moving changes within the world of technology and sales. Webuildretail has therefor partnered with Dealer eProcess to bring the best technology and the latest online marketing expertise to Europe, starting in Holland. They work side-by-side with auto dealers and OEMs all around Europe and make sure they continue to use the proper tools, resources, and technology, which will help increase their revenue.

About Dealer eProcess

Dealer eProcess was the first website provider to offer dealers an Adaptive or Responsive (RESS) Website solution. Operating across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Holland, Dealer eProcess offers an integrated suite of products with each product and service designed to be best in class. Dealer eProcess makes it easy by offering everything from SEM, chat, and an Advanced VDP to specialty websites, custom content, an assisted service scheduler, and an assisted pre-approval system. For more information about the features and products offered by Dealer eProcess, call 877.551.2555 or visit us at

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