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Dealer e Process Dealer Spotlight: Daytona Toyota

By November 28, 2011April 24th, 2020No Comments

Daytona Toyota has ditched their old grey site for a new one that screams fun in the sun and a day at the beach.  When I think of Florida I think of palm trees, the ocean, and sunny beaches, none of which are grey.  Their new site captures the personality of the market they’re in and serves all the functions they need including better SEO, lead generation, and ease of use.

      Out With The Old:  With their old website provider, Daytona Toyota felt like they could get more out of there site.  They wanted to increase the amount of leads they received from their own site and cut back on their third party lead provider.  Dayton Toyota also felt that they could get more SEO out of there site and they liked the idea of having more flexibility in updating their content and special offers section.  There old site just didn’t offer the same easy navigation and SEO they needed.

         Before                                                                       After

      All New All Different:  Formerly of Reynolds Automotive, Daytona Toyota Switched to Dealer E and saw  “3 times more converts than the old site” according to Ad Agency Manager Kate Frost.  “The first day it went live we had 23 leads and we’ve seen it as high as 53.”  She added, “bye bye third party leads.”   “Daytona Toyota is really excited about the fresh look which is different than the other Toyota stores in the district.” Frost Continued.  The new site offers a color scheme that screams Daytona Beach.  The vibrant colors are a far cry from the dull grey of their old site.  The new site, courtesy of Dealer E, is easy to navigate and will continue to boost their SEO and bring in fresh eyes.