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Dealer eProcess Honored with 2015 AWA Pinnacle Platform Award

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Downers Grove, Ill. – January 28, 2015 – Dealer eProcess has been honored with an AWA award every year since they first entered their technology years ago. The well-known automotive website platform was well-deserving of the Pinnacle Platform award for yet another year, and PCG Consulting is thrilled to honor Dealer eProcess for their accomplishments and enhancements in 2014.

The Pinnacle Platform Award in the Websites category sets apart platforms that make it easy to create and manage high-ranking dealership websites. Pinnacle Platform Award winners are recognized for providing websites that have numerous integrated tools, are easy to customize, offer adaptive/responsive technology for the multi-screen shopper and are incorporating the latest digital marketing innovations.

This year, Dealer eProcess introduced three significant upgrades to their digital marketing suite: iSpy, CreditMiner and responsive website technology.


Dealer eProcess’ new products: iSpy, CreditMiner and Responsive websites.


Automotive Website Awards Announced January 22nd

We applaud Dealer eProcess for their fully customized website designs, adaptive/responsive platform options, integrated soft-pull credit technology, integrated chat and their many other impressive features. Congratulations to Dealer eProcess for their latest win at the Automotive Website Awards!

PCG Consulting celebrated the 2015 Automotive Website Awards Thursday night at the City Club of San Francisco. During the awards, the best of the best in automotive marketing were honored, with awards across categories such as Websites, CRM Platforms, Mobile Apps, Social Media, Sales Process, and others.

For an in-depth look at all of the 2015 Automotive Website Awards and their recipients, please check out the 2015 AWA Buyer’s Guide where a comprehensive list of all winners has been published. You can order your 2014 AWA Buyer’s Guide online now by visiting http://www.automotivewebsiteawards.com/awa-buyers-guide/.

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About the Automotive Website Awards

The Automotive Website Awards were started in 2008 to recognize the best vendors in automotive digital marketing. Since then, they’ve become a benchmark in the automotive industry for innovative products in technology, design, search marketing and social media.

The awards are presented annually just prior to the biggest event of the year, the National Automotive Dealers Association Convention. The AWAs are awarded by PCG Consulting, Inc., a dealership consulting and training services company. PCG Consulting provides dealers with vendor neutral product recommendations to help improve process, sales and profits.


About Dealer eProcess

Dealer eProcess was the first website provider to offer dealers an Adaptive or Responsive Website Design. Operating across Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Holland, Dealer eProcess offers an integrated suite of products with each product and service designed to be best in class. Products include everything from SEM and chat to specialty websites, an assisted service scheduler, and an assisted pre-approval system. For more information, call (877) 551-2555 or visit www.dealereprocess.com.

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