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CreditMiner Launches Spanish Version Pre-Approval Tool

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CreditMiner Launches Spanish Version Pre-Approval Tool on Dealer eProcess Websites

Lisle, IL – May 15, 2017 – With the launch of its Spanish-based pre-approval tool, CreditMiner continues to affirm its status as (an) industry leader. This new version is crucial for dealers and website providers who have made the transition to specific Spanish-language websites. Rather than having to compromise with an English-based tool on these sites, the option to fully integrate with a coordinating language tool is now a possibility. As a partner with CreditMiner, Dealer eProcess is proud to offer this feature to its customers.

CreditMiner Launches Spanish Pre-Approval ToolIt’s nearly impossible to ignore the Spanish-speaking population, and as the second-largest demographic in the United States, they are a community worthy of marketing attention. As a company, Dealer eProcess has realized this area of opportunity and responded with custom built, fully translated Spanish language websites for automotive dealers. Now, combined with the recently launched Spanish version of CreditMiner’s pre-approval tool, these sites will be even more equipped to connect with the Hispanic community. By speaking their language in a professional way, the dealer is able to convey that the dealership truly respects and values the Spanish-speaking culture. For dealers who are already utilizing the pre-screening tool, they will be upgraded to the latest version at no additional charge.

The Application for this tool is simple – those who don’t speak English as their first language are now able to know their buying power before ever stepping into a dealership and dealers are better equipped to match them with a vehicle and a finance plan that suits their needs. Having a website that reaches out to Spanish speakers is the first step, with this online-based credit pre-approval tool as one of the crucial finishing touches.

About Dealer eProcess

Dealer eProcess is the industry leader in automotive websites and digital marketing. Dealer eProcess has won dozens of awards throughout the industry, and is recognized by the experts as the most technologically-superior website and digital marketing solution for automotive dealers. Along with being a recognized industry leader, Dealer eProcess has also partnered with the best in the business to offer their dealers the most complete digital solution available. Dealer eProcess is a Google Premier Partner, Yahoo/Bing Select Partner, a Reynolds & Reynolds certified provider, and has partnered with numerous other industry-leading solutions including CreditMiner and eAutoAppraise. Dealer eProcess is headquartered just outside of Chicago, IL, and has offices in Washington and Arizona. You can learn more about Dealer eProcess on their website:

About CreditMiner

As a real-time pre-screen provider for the automotive industry, CreditMinerTM gives dealers simultaneous access to leading credit bureau data. CredtiMinerTM is integrated into the Virtual Credit Consultant, DeskMiner, eAutoAppraise, and most leading CRM & Equity Mining companies within the automotive space. Franchise & independent dealers finally have a true credit snapshot of its prospect allowing dealers to match the right car, to the right customer, with the right financing options every time.

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