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Craigslist New Charges for Auto Dealer Inventory Posting

By May 30, 2014 May 18th, 2015 No Comments

Craigslist new charges for auto dealer inventory postings has struck controversy in the industry, but one of the first things to keep in mind is that this change will not impact the number of visitors/buyers on Craigslist (currently over 50 million shoppers). The number of ads posted before the change was 500 million but will drop as much as 75% because of the elimination of spammers and excessive posters, according to

With the $5 fee for “Cars/Trucks by dealer” ads, shoppers can find ads more efficiently due to a lesser amount of ads flooding Craigslist. Dealers can expect non-aggressive competitors to drop out of the race because of the cost per ad and can expect a significant increase in ROI over the long term.

With this change, dealers need to find a way to manage Craigslist. Digital AMMP by Dealer eProcess offers Craigslist Ad Posting Service which includes daily inventory-specific posting and pricing updates, daily removal of sold vehicles, and monthly budget management tailored for your dealership. Custom layovers are created for vehicle postings so the dealer’s brand is promoted and gains more visitors.

The Digital AMMP solution to Craigslist is designed to serve dealers with a consistent flow of high quality leads, achieved by effective marketing strategies and quick, accurate updates. All Craigslist metrics can be viewed inside the Dealer eProcess Dashboard:

Dashboard View

Craigslist Metrics – Dealer eProcess Dashboard


Instead of focusing on the negatives about having to pay a $5 fee for a Craigslist car ad, dealers must focus their energies on how to revamp their online advertising strategy. Craigslist’s ad rate is affordable and a significant increase in leads can be gained through this online auto mall. Digital AMMP can help dealers stay ahead of their competition through feed management and posting high quality ad listings that generate more leads.

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