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From Click Path to Questions

By November 25, 2014April 24th, 2020No Comments

Any email form lead from your website should include the click path of that customer’s activity prior to their sending in the lead. It should include all the activity, even if that includes multiple sessions. This is standard on all Dealer eProcess websites.  This information should be used for the purpose of asking questions. Exposing the click path tells you where someone went, but it does not say why. It does not gauge the depth of passion, and it does not put the pieces together in a way one can be absolutely sure about. Even if we could be absolutely sure the customer is interested in other vehicles, requires financing, or has a trade-in, it would freak the customer out to know we have information they didn’t give us. For all these reasons, click path information is very powerful for asking the right questions, not for trying to show the customer how much you know.


Dealer eProcess iSPY alerts the dealer when a customer who provided an email lead comes back to the website.

When sales people ask the right questions, a natural back and forth exchange begins to flow. This is vital in sales. People don’t think you are brilliant because you know a great deal about cars. Product knowledge should be a given. Besides, there is very little you could possibly know about the vehicle they cannot find out for themselves. Shoppers think you’re brilliant if you understand them and can translate their needs into the right bundle of features and benefits to meet their needs. Selling cars is less about cars than it is about people, and click path information is less about knowing the customer than knowing what to ask the customer. Asking the right questions with the right tone of voice tells shoppers you care about them, want to understand them, and want to help them find what is right for them.

There is more exciting news regarding dealer’s ability to know what shoppers are doing on the dealership website. Dealer eProcess iSPY alerts the dealer when a customer who provided an email lead comes back to the website. Typically, over 40% of customers submitting a lead from the dealer’s site come back one or more times. This allows the dealership to know now is the exact right time to once again reach out to the shopper. The shopper is thinking about their vehicle shopping, thinking about the dealership, and taking the time to examine both. The timing could not be more ideal for a follow-up call.

This information is not available when shoppers visit manufacturer or third-party sites. The superior value of bringing the customer to the dealership site continues to increase over other marketing options. This is less the case with low-converting, low-content sites. A high converting site puts more leads in the hands of dealership personnel. Combine that with both click-path information and alerts from iSPY, and the value skyrockets for Search Engine Marketing and other options for increasing traffic to the dealer’s own website. The questions for dealers are, do you have the most powerful site possible and are you doing all you can to drive traffic to it?

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