COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 DEPiCOVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Dealer Inventory Photo Strategy

With the current challenges we are all facing, providing the most thorough information to our customers has never been more important. Providing a clean and safe environment along with a vehicle is key. Dealers must provide a clear picture of what they are doing to provide the customer with a…
Steven Warren
March 25, 2020
Google My Business COVID-19COVID-19 Response

Limited Google My Business functionality due to COVID-19

With Google taking steps to reduce the need of team members going into their offices, businesses may notice temporary limitations and delays in support for Google My Business (GMB). The most notable limitation at this time seems to be the ability for customers to leave reviews & ask questions using…
March 25, 2020
COVID-19 analysisCOVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Impact Analysis

HOW HAS THE NATIONAL PANDEMIC, SOCIAL DISTANCING, AND SHELTER-IN-PLACE ORDERS AFFECTED AUTOMOTIVE DEALERS? INSIGHTS  YoY comparisons of 147 dealer clients yield similar overall trends in actualized sale volume across all OEMs; Data is highly reliant on enrolled clients which skews proportionally towards Illinois, California, Florida, and Texas state regions.  Downward…
Dealer eProcess
March 20, 2020