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CARoi – What is it and how can it help your dealership?

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I want to state a blatantly obvious fact – car dealerships are in business to sell cars! As great as it would be to get all of your business from people who wander into your store and decide right on the spot to purchase from you, it’s not that simple. Reaching potential customers, especially online, is extremely important and there are many different ways to accomplish it.

From having different conversion tools on your website and running paid search ads, to third party lead providers, there are countless ways that dealerships spend their hard-earned money in order to get customers to their website and fill out lead forms. After filling out a lead form, the goal is then to have the customer purchase a vehicle from you. But over the years, the question that dealers ask themselves the most comes down to: “Is my digital spend actually selling me any cars and how do I know that it is?” Realizing which marketing channels and areas of your websites are actually selling you units and where you are most profitable is crucial, and that’s where CAROi comes in.

CAROi is all about data and transparency. By syncing up with your DMS, CAROi is able to tie into your sales data and let you know which parts of your website, marketing channels, and third-party lead providers are actually selling you vehicles, as well as where you are seeing the most return. Dealers no longer have to wonder if Autotrader is sending them leads that turn into enough sales to justify their fees and worth, or if their trade-in tool is actually responsible for selling them any cars. Leads are definitely important, but wasting money to bring in leads that don’t carry their weight is just that…a waste. What’s your CAROi?

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