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CAROi Heatmap Targeting

By March 12, 2018No Comments
heatmap targeting

DEP’s Digital Marketing Department is excited to announce the release of their new tool – CARoi Heat Maps! These maps allow a dealership to clearly see where their marketing budget is being used and how that compares to where their cars are being sold. No need to guess with our heat maps.

CARoi is the industry’s most advanced digital marketing system, and our new Heat Maps make the platform even more robust. CARoi Heat Maps pull data from a dealership’s DMS and Google AdWords Account, and lays them all out on a digital map. At that point, we’re able to truly see if the locations where ads are being sent are actually impacting dealership sales in those areas.

The data can then be filtered based on what the dealer is interested in viewing. If there are multiple locations associated with the account, a single one can be selected. Additionally, there are options to select specific PPC date ranges, types of campaigns, used vs. new, etc.. A report can also be generated for just leases or for only purchases made. All of this enhances the functionality of these heat maps even further, creating the ability to get specific real-time data and strategize accordingly.

A great example of this tool’s functionality is shown in the image below. You’ll notice that there is a large amount of money being put towards the Philadelphia area, but there are very few vehicles being sold there. Upon discovering this, the CARoi team recommended the dealer move funds away from this area towards locations where more sales activity was taking place.

When it comes to budgets, every dollar counts, which is why our heatmap targeting is such a beneficial feature. Being able to easily see where marketing funds are correlating with sales translates into a straightforward strategy decision. Whether the goal is to own a specific area that’s already doing well or shine a spotlight on new locations, we have you covered!

Ready to compare clicks and impressions against sales? Contact our Digital Marketing Experts! Dealers who are currently utilizing CARoi have the ability to request a report or a live walk-through of our heat maps right now. And with the CARoi team you know you’ll be in good hands, as they AGAIN won Top Rated SEM/PPC team in the industry by Driving Sales. Call today to learn more about how CARoi can sell you more cars in 2018!

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