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Your PPC Vendor Can’t Answer the Big Question

By March 30, 2016April 24th, 2020No Comments

How much money did my website and digital marketing make me?

That’s the Big Question. Every month, dealers call up their paid search vendors and ask this question, and every month they get a variety of different answers. Their vendor will begin the standard speech of how, “your website got a ton of clicks”, or, “your impression share was as high as it’s ever been”, or, “you got a good amount of ‘conversions’”, but none of this tells us anything about selling cars. If you want to have the conversation about Return on Investment (ROI), you can’t just look at how many clicks you got and call the campaign a success. You didn’t invest thousands of marketing dollars just to get clicks, you did it to sell cars. The problem is that your PPC vendor can’t tell you whether or not all the money you spent on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or wherever else actually sold you any cars.

The good news is that the answer is to the Big Question is out there, and it’s called CAROI! With the brand new CAROI system by Dealer e Process, we now have the ability to tie digital marketing leads to actual sales and profits by connecting your website and marketing systems to your DMS. Using that connection, we’ll finally be able to answer the Big Question!
By connecting your DMS to your website and digital marketing data, we can now look at automotive digital marketing in a whole new light. Now decisions can be made that actually are geared towards driving sales and profits, not just leads. This data allows us to completely change the digital marketing conversation. Consider the following example:

Without CAROI
Campaign A – Resulted in 5,000 clicks and 120 leads
Campaign B – Resulted in 2,500 clicks and 30 leads
Without DMS Data, we would make the assumption that Campaign A is by far the better performing campaign, so we’d decide to spend more money with Campaign A.

Campaign A – Resulted in 5,000 clicks, 120 leads, 5 car sales, $5,000 Profit
Campaign B – Resulted in 2,500 clicks, 30 leads, 12 car sales, $17,000 Profit.
With CAROI data, we can now correctly spend your money on the campaigns that sell you the most cars and earn you higher profits!

With CAROI, we can track sales and profit data from the following lead sources:
• Phone Calls
• Chat Leads
• Web Form Leads
• Trade-In Appraisals (via eAuto Appraise)
• Credit Applications (via Credit Miner)
• Service Appointments (via Virtual Service Consultant)
• Text Messages

CAROI gives you full transparency into the actual profit you receive from your marketing; not just click and lead data. You’ll be able to monitor growth, remove wasted spend, and fully optimize your business, and you can see it all happen within the CAROI dashboard:

Rough Draft Marketing Overview CaROI V.2

So stop flying blind with your website and marketing, and give us a call to learn more about CAROI!

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