Finally, an Ace Up the Dealer’s Sleeve to Sell a Car

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Car dealers are always looking for an easier way to sell a car. However, most of today’s technology seems to help the customer buy the car, not the dealer sell the car. Would you agree? The majority of the new tools designed to help dealers in the past few years seem to be helping them “race to the bottom”.

What if there was a tool that gave the dealer an ace up their sleeve? What if EVERY LEAD that came from the dealership’s best lead source (dealer’s website) was armed with data about a customer via technology that the dealer didn’t even have to ask for? Unfair advantage?

Well, today is your lucky day! What type of data am I talking about? Please reference the screenshot below. This data was made possible by simply collecting 5 pieces of information (same as ANY form on a dealer’s website).

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Address
  4. City
  5. Email

Bureau Report

The data referenced in the screenshot above was acquired from the customer like any typical lead form. This data was appended to the original data as part of the pre-screen/soft pull process. Outside of the obvious benefit this gives the dealers BEFORE THEY CALL THE CUSTOMER for the first time, here are a few others you may have not been thinking about:

  • Real Time Data – (if you pulled a credit bureau today the numbers would match exactly)
  • No Hard Inquiry On Consumers Credit Bureau
  • SS# Not Needed To Obtain Data
  • Avoid Hard Copy App
  • Avoid Risk Based Pricing Notice
  • Avoid Adverse Action Letter
  • Avoid OFAC Red Flag
  • Avoid Privacy Notice

This data will CHANGE your dealership’s selling process in store and here’s how.

Sales Process

Dealers can use this pre-screen process in other areas of their business such as:

  • Showroom Sales
  • Service Lane
  • Batch Offer Events (like Capital One Mailers)
  • Online Applications
  • Email Blasts

Here’s The Tip: All dealers could use an ace up their sleeve, and Dealer eProcess holds the card you need. Finally a product has been created to give the dealer an unfair advantage to help pencil a deal correctly the first time.

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