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Price Wars: Control and Strategize Your Vehicle Pricing with One User-Friendly Tool

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Catch a Sneak Peek at the Vehicle Pricing Manager from Dealer eProcess!


Car dealers are always pushing the envelope when it comes to pricing vehicles. There are one price dealers, get e-price dealers, rebate priced dealers, payment dealers, bi-weekly payment dealers, market price dealers, etc. The list goes on and on, but there are generally a few major hurdles a dealer must overcome in order to get their pricing the way they want it on their website. The first hurdle, and usually the main culprit, is the WEBSITE PROVIDER.

Vehicle pricing can populate from multiple data sources, and car dealers have hundreds of ways to display prices which may even include calculations. These pricing displays can be further hindered by state laws or OEM compliance. For example, Texas automotive dealers are not allowed to use the phrases “Internet Price” or “Get e-Price”, according to recent laws set forth by the Texas Automotive Dealers Association (TADA). A majority of OEM compliance guidelines state that dealers are not allowed to “stack” rebates and incentives and must clearly relate to the customer the source of rebates.

So how can car dealers easily manage all of their pricing data and know where it’s populating from? Is the MSRP coming from a dealer’s DMS, VAuto, Homenet, or eCarList? Are rebates coming from AIS or MarketScan? Is data coming from Chrome Data or DataONE? Is there a calculation included on some vehicles and not others?

Great technology is built to solve problems, and when it comes to pricing a vehicle or customizing a vehicle details page (VDP), that’s exactly what we have done at Dealer eProcess. Introducing the Dealer eProcess Vehicle Pricing Manager, a core part of our website platform.

For more information on this groundbreaking technology, please request a demo below. Of course, for current dealers on the Dealer eProcess platform, it’s FREE! This feature will be officially live for all dealers on August 24th, 2015.

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