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Can Pop Ups Still Be Effective Today for Dealers?

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Pop Ups

The one question we hear a lot during our product demos from General Managers, and definitely the Internet Managers is, “Are pop ups still effective today?” “Doesn’t the constant nagging drive the customers off the website?” There are some customers out there that do immediately get annoyed and leave the site but the answer is YES, you can absolutely still be effective into today’s market with pop ups. We’ll break down some simple steps on how to make sure you are maximizing your potential on pop ups and the benefits in doing so. Having the right strategy can grow numbers across the board.

The Right Offer & Message Can Earn Their Trust

When you have that one offer, such as “Add $250.00 to your Trade-In” that constantly pops up on every click and page, you’re going to drive the customer away quickly. This is why you should have an offer for every different URL the customer is visiting. Tailoring the offer towards their shopping needs will entice them into filling out their correct information. When you just ask for one thing over and over, you won’t see conversion increase. Earn their trust by knowing what they’re shopping for and give them that great deal.

Different Offers for Different Shoppers

If a customer is coming from your finance campaign and they land on your finance page, you want to give them an offer that is solely focused around Ppe approval or any finance deals going at that time. Really drill down what they’re shopping for. The same goes for Fixed Ops, if they’re on your parts or service page, don’t serve them the trade-in offer. You must offer a deal about your parts, or about an oil change or tire rotation. Give them what they came  for and that’s a great deal on the finance, parts or service!

Increasing Your Lead Count & Email Subscribers

When you feel confident you have the right message with a great offer that will convince the consumer to give you the correct information, as well as tailoring your offer/message to the customer, you will start to see an increase in leads. When you can truly tailor the offer no matter where the customer is on the website, you earn their trust which leads to an overall higher conversion rate. If one month you’re looking to increase your blog subscriptions and email lists, using the correct and intriguing message, can create substantial growth in that area as well.

All and all you can give today’s market shopper a great experience with pop ups when used correctly. With our product DriveCentive, you’re able to tailor the offer directly from the URL they’re surfing, the customers’ geo location, specific model, and keyword from our marketing campaigns! If you’d like to take a deeper look please reach out to Dealer eProcess.

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