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BMW Dealer Websites, Vehicle Price with Options

By October 21, 2014April 24th, 2020No Comments is a good website, yet the base MSRPs shown for various models and trims are virtually unavailable. For those new to the brand, some explanation is required as to why the lowest priced vehicle in the store is priced higher than the vehicle on the manufacturer’s website.


Fortunately, BMW dealer websites from Dealer eProcess display the installed options along with their corresponding value. This makes it easy for even first-time BMW shoppers to see why the vehicle is priced the way it is and recognize its full value.


Corresponding pricing displayed with options.

In the example above (, the dealer shows a BMW 3 Series 328i xDrive with an MSRP of $48,200. This is significantly more than the $39,500 base MSRP shown on However, the shopper can quickly see the installed marketing packages and with one click, expose the installed technology options as well. The immediate display of value helps the shopper retain confidence in the brand and gain confidence in the retailer. Building on the established trust in the brand, this retailer chooses to artfully line out the MSRP, signifying the fact that this well-equipped luxury vehicle can be purchased below MSRP.

A similar vehicle is shown below from a competing dealer with an alternative website. This site shows a list of options mixing those adding value on top of the trim level with others like Power Steering and ABS. There is nothing to indicate why the vehicle is priced the way it is.


Installed Options displayed without pricing.

The differences may seem subtle at first, until one remembers both dealers are selling from the same manufacturer and competing over many of the same shoppers. Those shoppers have a choice of dealers, and one is clearly more transparent than the other. One openly demonstrates value in a way that is organized and provides clear navigation to relevant information. The other confuses the issue with a laundry list of options and no indication of value. Of course, this is not the only difference between these websites, but it is one of the many explanations for why shoppers drive across the Illinois state line every month to purchase their BMW in Schererville, Indiana.

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