BMW Dealer News: The Ultimate Luxury Car Brand, Whisper It to Those Who Care

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Despite BMW’s successful and growing line of SUVs, BMW’s U.S. car to SUV sales ratio is the highest in the industry. Sixty-eight percent of BMW sales are cars. Competition for the title of most luxury vehicle sales overall may be fierce, but no brand comes close to BMW in the sale of luxury cars. Is it possible for BMW dealers to share this message with shoppers of sedans and coupes, without showing it to those looking at SUVs? Yes it is.

The Description section of the Vehicle Details Page (VDP) is a fantastic place to reinforce consumer confidence in the brand, model, and store. Although the opening lines should be about the specific vehicle, additional content needs to follow in order to generate confidence and move the shopper closer to a store visit.

The first few lines of the vehicle description are immediately visible on the Search Results Page (SRP). This content helps the shopper compare the vehicle to those adjacent to it on the SRP. On the Dealer eProcess platform, shoppers can click to see the entire description and all vehicle photos without leaving the SRP. This helps shoppers narrow their consideration. It avoids a great deal of back and forth between the SRP and VDP. It also means those shoppers coming to the VDP are generally more honed in on the BMW that is right for them.

BMW vehicle summary

That does not mean the shopper is locked in on buying a BMW. Dealer site visits were once thought to be strictly lower funnel, but research proved that is often not the case. The lower section of the vehicle description, attainable on the SRP and immediately visible on the VDP, should contain content reinforcing BMW as the right brand, and the dealer’s location as the right store.

Content already known to the shopper can cause them to gloss over subsequent information. However, information like BMW being the U.S. leader in the sale of sedans and coupes is not commonly heard and can position the brand in an even more positive light to those shopping for that vehicle type.

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