BMW Dealer News: BMW Dealers Profiting from SUV Cross Shoppers

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Although BMW has always intended the X3 and X5 to compete in different vehicle segments, one has always been a key competitor to the other. With an expanded array of X-series vehicles, cross-shopping within the brand is more prevalent than ever. The trick is making sure shoppers get the information they need without frustration, increasing the likelihood they buy within the brand, and do so from your store.

Fortunately, BMW now certifies the only website allowing shoppers to easily compare vehicles right on the Search Results Page (provided by Dealer eProcess). The screen shot below shows a shopper electing to look at X3s, X4s, and X5s in the same consideration set, something that cannot be done on any other BMW dealer websites. Cross shoppers can then compare every photo of every vehicle right on the SRP. Because the website platform is RESS, the latest Responsive technology, this functionality exists on any device.

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More information and more calls to action are why many BMW dealers using this platform receive more leads from the SRP than the Vehicle Details Page (VDP). Shoppers on mobile devices are especially keen to compare vehicles on the SRP and submit leads directly from there.

Once shoppers arrive at the VDP, they are greeted with more information than can be found on certified Lexus or Audi sites. Shoppers can access the manufacturer’s brochure, see all third-party awards, and review crash-test ratings and green score. The most advanced BMW dealers make it easy to compare one BMW to another. They offer more information about all their vehicles, and they do all this automatically and instantly with no effort from anyone at the store. The entire website is BMW certified and co-op eligible.

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