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Frightful Feature Day 9 – Digital Retailing

SARA, our Smart Automotive Retailing Assistant is the automotive industry’s most robust system, featuring OEM incentives, integrated TransUnion credit info, custom loan match, trade-in equity determination, payment/lease finance decision engine, vehicle optional values, customer upload trade-in photos/videos, accessories, maintenance and extended warranty, taxes and fees, pick your salesperson, finalized deal,…
Dealer eProcess
October 26, 2019
Frightful Features

Frightful Feature Day 7 – Chat Wait Times

Customers use a website’s chat tool for the convenience and efficiency – but, when a dealer’s chat goes unmanaged, or takes FOREVER to respond, it is downright horrifying. With Integrated chat from Dealer eProcess, customers will have 24/7/365 chat coverage on their website, texting, AND Facebook Messenger. Co-managed, AutoBot, and…
Dealer eProcess
October 25, 2019
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Frightful Feature Day 6 – Small Photos

How important is photo size to online automotive shoppers? Well, based on the data reflecting website engagement, we believe it’s pretty significant. The Dealer eProcess website platform leverages large photo size and exclusive interactive features in a number of unique ways to drive maximum engagement, lead conversion, and sales. To…
David Sawyer
October 24, 2019
FeaturedFrightful Features

Frightful Feature Day 5 – Unorganized Menus

A few years ago, Google determined that the most common way that customers navigate a website was through the menu. That’s why Dealer eProcess believes in putting all the essential information at the fingertips of the customer.The Dealer eProcess Mega Menus are specifically designed to house an abundance of important…
Chad Gullett
October 23, 2019