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Tip Tuesday – Time To Own Your Google Analytics

Our industry is constantly changing, from the models we sell and the salesman working the floor, to the website driving traffic to your showroom. Your providers change, your websites change, your marketing changes. But how do you know that the digital marketing provider is doing better than before? The answer…
Alex Frueh
November 12, 2019
Frightful Features

Frightful Features Day 12 – DMS Attribution

Do you ever feel as if you are blindly spending your advertising dollars, hoping that your marketing efforts will result in sales? Have you found yourself wondering… Should I be marketing on Google, Bing or Facebook? Am I wasting my money by targeting the wrong local areas? Which marketing campaigns…
Samantha Zabedny
October 30, 2019
13 Days of Frightful Features - SupportFrightful Features

Frightful Features Day 11 – Support Wait Times

Dealer eProcess offers unrivaled support to our dealers. Not only is emergency support available 24/7, but our first-time fix accuracy is 97%, with an average turnaround time of just 1 business day. We have earned a 98% NPS for customer satisfaction by being efficient, accurate, and quick.Dealer eProcess recognizes when…
Dealer eProcess
October 29, 2019