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Webinar: Why Your Dealership Should Be Advertising On Bing

By November 5, 2020November 17th, 2020No Comments
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“Why should I be advertising on Bing?” We hear this question repeatedly in the digital marketing world. Our dealers want to know “Is it worth my ad dollars?” There are many valid reasons to not only explore this advertising platform, but to do so now.

In general, Bing tends to target an entirely different audience than other platforms. Many times, Bing is the default search engine for users and a more mature audience is unlikely to wander from this preset option. This means that you would not ever reach them on another search engine. Often, this mature audience that we refer to on Bing consists of individuals who are more financially stable with the ability to afford expensive vehicles. This is a crucial targeting opportunity for luxury vehicle brands with a proven track record to outperform on Bing.

Another attractive benefit of Bing is the inexpensive cost per click. We consistently see a lower CPC across Bing campaigns versus its competitor platforms. This allows for an overall smaller budget to gain the same results in clicks or impressions that we would see elsewhere.

Now is the perfect time for dealerships to take advantage of this marketing channel. We are entering into the prime truck and holiday season, where we see sales dominate on Bing. Q4 of last year was peak truck buying season and car sales across segments spiked in November and December. Overall click trends also increase during these winter months, specifically for “purchase intent” type search terms. Make sure that you are seen across all advertising platforms to reach the most engaged shoppers this holiday season!

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