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What is a Google Optimization Score and Why Should You Care?

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Google optimization score

Everything in your business should be optimized. Your sales process, your service lanes, your website, and, of course, your digital marketing. Finding and eliminating holes and bottlenecks in your processes can help reduce waste and streamline results to provide consistently high returns.

A good optimization plan is not an easy thing to put in place. It requires careful planning, constant monitoring and needs to be very flexible to adapt to change. Fortunately, when it comes to optimizing your digital marketing, Google gives automotive dealers and their vendor partners a great tool that displays areas of waste and opportunity while shows you how to optimize your ad spend. All of their recommendations put together are what make up your Google Optimization Score. Below a quick breakdown of what that Optimization Score is and why it’s important to you.

Googles’ Optimization Score is a metric that measures how well your ad dollars are being spent on their network. The score ranges from 0% to 100% and is an excellent barometer when measuring the overall health of your account. All of your Google Ads campaigns (search, remarketing, display, etc.) are combined in this report and the score is geared towards how well the dollars are being spent toward generating you quality clicks and leads.

Most will never reach a 100% Optimization score. There are always certain tweaks or changes that could be done to make things better. And in automotive in particular, a 100% Optimization Score is not realistic because there are optimization recommendations that Google makes that are not relevant to car dealers (ask your rep for more info there). The general benchmark is that if you have an optimization score at or above 80%, you’re in pretty good shape.

The great thing about the Optimization Score is that it also comes with recommendations on how to improve that score. These recommendations include things like adding Ad Extensions, reallocating budget to higher performing keywords, making ad text changes to improve relevancy, and more. The good thing here is that for any seasoned Ads rep, this is like a built-in checklist for them to go through to make sure that the baseline account is set up and running properly, giving them a more solid foundation to run their unique strategy.

Google has put together a ton of great tools over the years to help automotive dealers and vendors spend ad dollars more effectively and the new Optimization Score is yet another example of their commitment to helping dealers increase their ROI. If you want to learn what your Optimization Score is, simply ask your rep and they’ll be able to walk you through a report. Here’s to achieving your best optimization score yet!”

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