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Three Ways To Optimize Your Website

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Spring has sprung, and chances are you are looking to do a little spring cleaning to your automotive website! You are not alone.  Not only is it the time of year that most people dedicate to doing a bit of a refresh to their personal and professional lives, but it’s also the time of year where dealers are moving a lot of metal and customers are spending a lot of time online.  Here’s a handy checklist of 3 ways to optimize your website right now. Happy cleaning!

Use Google-Recommended Responsive Technology

This is critical. Responsive technology means that you have one website and it is the same across all devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile).  Google recommends responsive websites1 for two main reasons.  First off, responsive technology means that Google has to scan and index only one website for SEO purposes (versus multiple websites for websites that use older, adaptive platforms with  separate sites for desktop and mobile).  Google rewards responsive websites with better SEO rankings compared to adaptive websites.  Secondly, responsive sites allow for the same user experience across all devices so that no matter where your customers are visiting you from, they will be served the same site and therefore have a better online experience.

Clean up Search Results Pages (SRPs) and Vehicle Details Pages (VDPs)

  • Make sure your inventory is properly merchandised: 9+ photos on every new car, 25+ photos on every used car, 15-20% of your inventory marked as special, and comments on all new and used inventory.
  • Allow the customer the ability to value their trade, get pre-approved, personalize their payments, and sign up for price drop alerts via clean call to actions.
  • Offer relevant information specific to your inventory, such as awards and accolades on the vehicle, green scores, crash test ratings, window stickers, brochures, owner’s manual, and factory installed options.
  • Provide a “Why Buy” statement and include testimonials from past shoppers of yours who have had positive experiences.  A car is the largest (or second largest) purchase a customer is likely to make in their lifetime, so reviews are important. In that same vein, make sure your staff pages are up-to-date and accurate!

Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the competitive and ever-changing space of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization can be overlooked or forgotten about.  Your website should be equipped with great SEO features, including SSL (secure site), schema markup, and custom content.  Google rewards websites that have fresh, relevant content added to them on a monthly basis.  Whether you choose to add model pages, service pages, financing pages, or a “first time buyer” page, content is truly endless.  Your website provider should have a person or team equipped to recommend content-based on best practices for your area, if needed.

Hopefully this proves helpful in your website cleaning process and that you reap the rewards in Summer and beyond!

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