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The Pitfall of Pausing or Discontinuing SEO

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This is definitely an uncharted time in our history. Never before has our country, or the world for that matter, been affected to the extent COVID-19 has affected our businesses, our economy, and our lifestyle. Have faith that we will not only survive but succeed and ultimately, prosper once again.

During these uncertain times, some of your competitors may pause their SEO efforts. It is important to remember that SEO is a long term strategy. Google states that it can take anywhere from six to twelve months for an SEO strategy to mature. We all understand SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, there’s no immediate gratification like there is with paid search. Much like investors are taught to ride the financial waves, we strongly encourage dealers to do the same, because in the end SEO will be beneficial.

To echo the importance of SEO during this time, a recent survey by, shows that Marketers found both SEM (90%) and SEO (87%) strategies to be effective. SEO was seen as more affordable and sustainable than paid search. In the same survey, 84% of consumers said they frequently click organic results, whereas only 45% click on paid search ads, the image below showing that the majority of consumers trust organic results over paid ads.

In a study by Conductor, search engine marketers were asked if SEO will be more or less important during this time; 63% said SEO would gain in importance either slightly (34%) or steeply (29%). Only 5% responded that SEO would decrease in importance. We understand that pausing or cancelling your SEO package may seem like an easy way to try to save money, short term.  But please, stop and think about what position it may put you in on the other side of this shutdown issue, later this year and even into next year.

We recommend continuing the SEO work that you’re doing and have worked  hard to create, including Content, Reputation Management, and Local Listing Management, so that in the months to come, you are not left wondering why your competitors are outranking you. Creating unique and trustworthy content continues to be a crucial element for a successful SEO strategy. Local Listing management can erode incredibly quickly during a time like this when your business information is being updated often. There are hundreds of online directories and consistency across all of them is necessary to maintain and build authority with search engines. Not paying attention to your Reputation Management could cause severe implications especially if a negative review is left unattended. That could lead to an ill-conceived perception becoming virtual reality.  

Now is not the time to press the pause button. Rather, here is an opportunity to improve your position relative to your competition. Stay the course! We know it’s easier said than done during these trying times, but it will be worth it when the storm passes. 

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