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New Year, New Website, New Leads!

By January 24, 2020 January 27th, 2020 No Comments
new year, new website, new leads

It’s the New Year, the roaring 20’s are back, it’s time for the New Year’s resolutions for your dealership to be put into action! Don’t fall into the 50% that abandon their resolutions within the first 6 months. Remember – New Year, New You, New Goals, right? Let’s make this year the year you reach your goals by looking at them in a new way!

Why not a new website? Get away from the same 1990’s haircut you’ve been rocking your entire life and let’s do something new. When you really sit back and reflect on the changes that will need be done for a new website, it allows you to set new goals along the way as well. For example, a new brand or message for the New Year? Allow all the new pages to be indexed on Google to help your organic rankings, and most importantly, new leads and more leads!

This is a perfect time to implement the new saying or create a new message that allows your customers to get an immediate impression of your dealership. Such as “One Price, One Brand, One Friend” –something that tells your customer more about you and your team.

Another great benefit from creating a new website with Dealer eProcess is our SEO that comes with the website! We dynamically attack all the surrounding cities and suburbs with keywords and inventory, which gives Google thousands of new pages to index! Google loves new content and indexed pages. Let’s get you back ranked where you should be.

Most importantly, all of the above will only increase your chances at new leads (attacking areas you never have before) and more leads (ranking for searches you never have before)! Our SEO strategy is one of a kind and we would love to show you exactly how we execute this on a demo at a time that works best for you!

Now that you have a new website, a new message, new leads, and more leads, take the next step on your list and keep climbing! What would that be you ask? Marketing! Understand where your sales are coming from and whether you are being aggressive in areas that data is telling you too be.  Again, a new year means don’t push back that meeting for a new website, because as you see above, a new website brings much more to your dealership than just waiting until “next year” to do it! Let’s go after those New Year’s resolution!

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