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New Year, New Reporting Suite – Dealer eProcess’ Insites1 Dashboard

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InSites1 Dashboard

Your website and marketing are extremely important to every aspect of your dealership, from sales  and finance, to service and parts. What’s equally important is the reporting and data behind it so you know what’s working, what isn’t working, and what needs to be done to continually optimize your virtual ecosystem. This is especially important while assessing all of your data from the last year and also moving forward into 2020, making sure you have the reporting you need to start the year off right.

While there are many different types of reporting available, some that are critical to successfully optimizing your website and marketing going into the new year are: Google Analytics data, being able to tie your marketing spend in with your website data, lead conversion tool reporting, inventory reporting, and integrating third party provider reporting. What’s even more critical is being able to see all of the above reporting side by side in one dashboard to truly be able to understand the full picture.

With many third party providers playing a part in a dealership’s overall strategy, it’s necessary to be able to see their data alongside the website data. While most provider’s dashboard does not allow this functionality, Dealer eProcess provides our dealers with the ability to do so within our InSites1 Dashboard.

Tying in your website data with your digital marketing spend and being able to report on that all the way down to the sale is crucial reporting going into 2020. This allows you to truly see the full picture and know which of your marketing channels are making you money or are simply wasting your money.

Inventory count reporting also plays a huge role in accurate reporting. An off month with your digital marketing or website leads can cause a drop in sales, but months with low inventory counts can have a huge impact on sales as well.

Having the best and most thorough reporting for your website and digital marketing is the lifeline to making sure your digital ecosystem is always providing you with the most leads and sales possible. Do you have all of the right reporting heading into 2020?

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