New Year, New Inventory Data Blending System

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Inventory System

Why Having an IMS (Inventory Management System) That Can Blend Data is a Must.

You are probably asking what Data Blending is and what it has to do with the auto industry. The best way to explain Data Blending is to imagine selecting specific data from multiple sources and combining it to produce the end result you want to see on each vehicle. For example, your Used Car Manager could be using a pricing tool for your used vehicles and the New Car Manager could be using the DMS to price new vehicles. Then, you add in the photo processing company along with custom comments from another source. You’ll need to blend that data and send it out to third parties.

Having a Data Blending System

Having a system that can bring all of the data together so it can be audited and customized is always the best solution. When using our DEPi system you’ll get this kind of customization.  When working with multiple systems and having to jump in-and-out of systems, you open yourself up for inconsistent data across all your digital assets, websites, and your third-party aggregator.  We pride ourselves on the fact that DEPi can break up every data attribute on a vehicle and it can take it from an unlimited number of sources. We can then automate changes to the incoming data or leave it as is and send it out to your website and third parties fully audited and clean.

A System That Will Continue to Grow Your Data

DEPi IMS is one of the few systems that can handle data blending through an API, FTP, or an XML format. This allows DEPi to import from any vendor that wants to send us data. We build for the future, so your dealership continues to grow with the system. With over 18 years of data stability and accuracy on delivery, you can trust DEPi to blend and deliver your inventory data and images.

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