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Have You Reviewed Your Dealer Grade to Follow Best Practices?

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Website Dealer Grade

Making sure your website stays 100% optimized can be tough…however, Dealer eProcess makes it easy for you to quickly review how you can improve your website. Logging onto your Dealer eProcess dashboard will provide your Dealer Grade right on the homepage, so you can easily see how you can achieve a top performing site by following best practices.

Clicking on the percentage you see on the homepage provides a breakdown of key items that defines what a good automotive website should provide potential buyers as well as the best ways to enhance overall engagement based on the content that’s available on your site. Highlighting important items such as inventory, unique pages that define who you are as a dealership, along with the offers you provide is what will help you rise above your competitors.  Let’s dive a little deeper into those key elements.

Inventory Features:

The way your inventory is factored into your Dealer Grade is based on how many new and used vehicle photos you have per vehicle. Providing consumers with real vehicle photos can be a huge determining factor on whether a consumer will take the time to submit a lead, as well as visit your showroom. Showcasing your vehicles with photos allows you to be transparent from the start. Do you have an inventory management system that helps you create high-resolution photos? Learn more about our DEPi Management System that can enhance your vehicle photos and much more! 

The next important addition to inventory is new and used vehicle comments, which is another portion that you get graded on. Adding vehicle comments can help the consumer better understand what is included with the vehicle they are interested in. Not only that, but it also helps bring more value in terms of keywords that a consumer might be searching for. Another way to better present your inventory is to keep a consistent amount of specials for both new and used vehicles. You’ll see that the dealer grade breakdown advises to have at least 20% of your vehicles marked as a special. Our dashboard can easily create an auto special rule that will automatically pull in inventory based on how many days in stock, or simply tag the individual vehicles that you would like to include as a special. You can set up your own criteria within the inventory or price manager tabs of the dashboard. Overall, your goal for inventory should be keeping up with vehicle photos and comments, along with providing a consistent amount of internet specials on your site.  

Page Features:

Providing a page that is unique to your dealership, such as a staff page, is also an important percentage of your Dealer Grade. Allowing your customers to see a glimpse of who they will be communicating with can go a long way. It provides a sense of company culture and trust. The grade percentage is determined by having a staff photo and a bio, along with an email address for all employees.

Another important page to incorporate on the site is for testimonials. Making sure you provide up to date and positive reviews reassures a customer that they can shop for a vehicle on your website and be taken care of when reaching out or visiting your dealership. You are able to manually update your testimonials page in the dashboard, or you can count on our Reputation Management tool, DealerWatch, to automatically pull in good reviews from auto related websites such as DealerRater, Edmunds, Google, and many more! So if you haven’t covered your bases with pages for a consumer to learn more about your dealership, make sure you put together a staff page to showcase your awesome team members and add your latest and greatest reviews on your site!

Website testimonials


If you have a service and parts department, you should consider providing some great deals for new and existing customers. Having coupons for service and  parts can entice a customer to consider getting their vehicle serviced or replace parts that they haven’t tended to in a while. Having just one coupon for each department will give you a score of 100% for this category. You can easily add coupons within our coupon manager found in the dashboard. After placing coupons on your site, you are able to see how many times a coupon has been printed or saved in a customer’s Apple wallet or Google Pay feature by reviewing the inSites tab of the dashboard.

As you start reviewing your Dealer Grade on a monthly basis now, you will see that there is ongoing  room for improvement and ways to stay consistent to achieve a top performing site. You can always reach out to your Account Executive to assist with adding these items or ask for more insight on ways to improve. Let’s work together to get your Dealer Grade to a 100%! 

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