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Google My Business

New Google My Business (GMB) features are being added all the time and it’s more important than ever to stay up to date. We here at DEP are dedicated to keeping our dealer partners in the know! Keep reading to learn more about the latest advance to hit Google My Business — Review Carousels.

We’ve discussed in previous posts the importance of reviews and how they are an influential component of Local SEO. Reviews can account for as much as 15% of how search engines determine local search rankings and 93% of customers read reviews to help decide whether or not to patron a business. Google has begun to emphasize the value of reviews by displaying them in a carousel format prominently placed on the Google My Business listing.

Google reviews have been featured on GMB listings for sometime now, but a user typically needs to scroll down the listing to view a sample of reviews and then click ‘see all reviews’ if they want to view more. This new review carousel seems to have a higher placement within the listing and a scrollable format which means they are not only more prominent and visible but much easier for a user to quickly scan through them.

If you’re looking at your GMB listing right now and not seeing the ‘Review Carousel’ it’s ok! This update has not been rolled out universally for all GMB listings yet. Review Carousel images are only shown when they are relevant to the user’s query and if there is a sufficient number of high quality reviews for your dealership related to that query.

Google My Business Review Carousel Auto Dealer
Some Google My Business listings have been seen displaying reviews in a carousel format prominently placed higher up within the listing

For those reading this and thinking to themselves that their dealership does not have the best reviews or you don’t have very many ‘high quality’ reviews, now is the time to revisit your Review Management strategy! Search Engines look at the quality and quantity of your reviews. Having a higher average rating than your competition tells search engines and consumers that you are a trustworthy, reputable business. 

A great way to increase the number of reviews is by sharing your Google short name URL with customers.  The short name URL provides a quick and easy way for customers to find and leave a review on your Google My Business listing. 
Make sure you’re responding to reviews. Consumers and Search Engines expect a response. They want to see business owners active and engaged to the needs of their customers. A quick response goes a long way in both promoting your dealership and establishing credibility.

Google My Business continues to release new features and enhancements at a breakneck pace. Be sure you are taking the right steps to position your dealership to benefit from the Review Carousel update. Considering this feature is just rolling out, we will be sure to keep you posted as it develops! If you have any questions about how to put these tips into action, contact our experts today!

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