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Do Website Leads Matter?

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website leads

What is a lead? 

A lead is an online shopper who has shown interest in your products or services. A lead can come through many areas of the website such as your Inventory pages, Trade Appraisal Tool, Digital Retailing Solution, or Chat product. 

Working the Lead

The most common use for a lead is to work it. Taking that opportunity and turning it into some type of revenue. We want to take care of that lead, nurture it, and give it everything it needs to grow into a customer. 

Tracking the Lead 

This could be a full article on its own, but I am going to try to keep it short and simple.  Leads can tell you quite a bit about your website, internal process, and customers. 

  • How many leads/opportunities is your website providing? This is not the end-all-be-all on website performance. It is something that is easily trackable and comparable. 
  • What is happening to the leads once they are submitted? We want to get to that lead as quick as possible. The lead customer needs to be provided with all the information it needs. Is the lead getting all the attention it wants and deserves from your team?
  • A lead can tell you some of the most valuable information regarding your website and business. It will tell you where customers are coming from, what they are looking for, and how much revenue they are generating. 

Leads are just as important tomorrow and on day 300 as when they first came in. They turn into customers that provide revenue. They also provide valuable information on ways to improve and grow your business. The industry is constantly changing. Our markets are constantly changing. A lead will tell you everything you need to know as long as you ask the right questions and look in the right places. 

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