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Digital Marketing Strategies During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Digital Marketing Strategy

There’s no doubt that the effects of COVID-19 have impacted nearly every industry. At Dealer eProcess, we are continuing to provide our full services to our clients so we can assist our clients in having a quick recovery once this pandemic is over.
The digital marketing department is actively making changes to our clients’ digital marketing strategy so we can continue to be as efficient and effective with their advertising dollars. In doing such, we are making the following recommendations:

1 – As Google sees a steady decline in store visit traffic, we are recommending to our dealers that we decrease or eliminate their budgets on local campaigns in terms of Geo Location campaigns (e.g. make dealer Chicago, Chicago make dealership) along with Dealer Terms campaigns (e.g. make dealer near me, make dealership). We understand that your customers will continue to be researching vehicles that they plan on purchasing but will not be planning on visiting your dealership in these upcoming weeks.

2 – As tier 3 websites continue to receive a steady flow of traffic, we are recommending our dealers continue with research heavy keywords through our dynamic inventory campaigns powered by Digital AMMP. These campaigns would include New Models, Used Models, and Used Inventory/Dynamic CPO Inventory. It’s important to keep in mind that customers are still researching their next vehicle and may even have a lease ending this month or next. While many OEMs have come out with special incentives and offers around new vehicles like “No Payments for 90 days” and 0% APR, it’s also recommended that you’re offering Vehicle Replacement Plans for your pre-owned inventory as pre-owned vehicles may appear less desirable during this pandemic.

3 – Another strategy to focus on during this time is fixed operations traffic. If your dealership still has a service and parts department open, or available to the public, staying in front of customers who need automotive repairs is crucial. Whether this be regular vehicle maintenance or necessary auto repairs, it’s vital that you’re in front of the customer who is looking for service. Keep in mind, messaging like “free pick-up and delivery” can be extremely helpful, especially for states which are currently under mandated “shelter in place.”

It’s also important that you’re accustomed to the changed sales cycle during this time. It’s quite possible that conversions and leads may be down because a customer may be waiting for their job to become more stable before they buy, so being available to answer their questions and showing empathy can go a long way.

Dealer eProcess is currently offering the following products at no cost to you which can help dealerships continue to sell vehicles while maintaining mandated “shelter in place”:

  • Chat Unlimited so your customers can contact you 24/7 via chat or text on both your website and Facebook Messenger.
  • DriveCentive Homepage Pop Up banner images to keep your customers informed on all processes and procedures.
  • SARA – DEP’s digital retailing tool to enhance car buying processes and even complete their car buying process online.
    Extended support hours – 24/7

Please reach out to your dedicated digital marketing specialist for more questions regarding your paid search strategy or contact

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