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DEPi Customizable Window Stickers

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When a customer arrives at a dealership to view its inventory, the importance of providing updated information on how they’ve kept the vehicle clean and safe is more important now than ever. 

The DEPi IMS system allows the dealer to create custom window stickers that can be added to the vehicle to display information on how the vehicle has been cleaned and sterilized. The window sticker can also display warranty information, certified information, and installed options. 

The system includes the ability to add a QR code which the customer can scan and be brought directly to the VDP of the vehicle. Or, you can have it bring the consumer to your digital retail tool to start the buying process on the vehicle right from their smartphone. 

The window sticker system can even produce a pricing stack so the consumer can see the full explanation of how the dealer is getting to the final price, as well as the savings that they may qualify for. All rebates and discounts will be visible on the sticker and the disclaimer, so the dealer is staying compliant. 

The feature also allows the dealer to print out FTC compliant buyers’ guides (we have the information for all US states). Whether it’s an implied warranty sticker or a vehicle with a partial or full warranty, all of the information and be added to the sticker. 

When all is said and done, providing the customer with as much information as possible is going to be the future of the car business and dealers need to use every avenue possible to supply information on the vehicle. Window stickers and buyers guides have been around for so long it has become automatic to look at them when viewing a vehicle. The consumer knows that they can find factual information about the vehicle when looking at the window sticker.

To see some examples of these customizable window stickers or a demo of the IMS product please fill out the form below to contact a member of the DEPi inventory team.

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