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The DEPi Feature That Provides More Info to Customers

By June 16, 2020No Comments

Provide more data, get a better response! The era of providing less information and expecting the consumer to reach out is over! Dealers must now provide all possible information on a vehicle or they could be losing leads to those who do provide it. 

Vehicle comments play a large part in providing  data to the consumer. Now, I know it is not easy to write vehicle comments. But have no fear, as the DEPi IMS system provides a great comment generating tool that allows you to build unique comments for each of your vehicles. 

This DEPi IMS feature not only provides the ability to create your own vehicle comment templates, it can also provide templates created by the DEP SEO team that you can use to automate comments on both used and/or new vehicles. 

The DEPi IMS system allows you to target comments by year, make, model, and trim…just to name a few. The comments will include some of the vehicle’s top features, as well as the installed options and packages available on the vehicle. 

The comment generator can even be used to create comments in Spanish! For example, you can create comments that target specific campaigns you are running on new vehicles and include all of the details on the vehicle’s incentives in Spanish. 

When all is said and done if you have presented the vehicle with all the data and real images, then truly it is just the price, location, and customer service that will matter. Don’t be the dealer that falls short of presenting its merchandise at its best. Be the dealer that believes in its product and showcases it. 

For more information about our DEPi IMS Comment Generator, please fill out the form below. 

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