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COVID-19 Dealer Inventory Photo Strategy

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With the current challenges we are all facing, providing the most thorough information to our customers has never been more important. Providing a clean and safe environment along with a vehicle is key.

Dealers must provide a clear picture of what they are doing to provide the customer with a safe experience at their dealership. With Dealer eProcess’ Inventory Management System, you can upload customized overlays and images in the vehicle photo run that lets the customer know what the dealership is doing to make the consumer feel more comfortable in these types of situations.

You can let the customer know how many times per day you clean your store, clean your vehicles, and how you are cleaning them. Also, let the customer know what the dealership is doing to help the community through this process.

Here at DEP, we have all come together to help do our part in the COVID-19 fight. We want to help our dealers keep their customers informed. We all know being informed with the most updated information is one of the best methods in preventing the spread.

Below, you can see how a dealer could deliver a message on the first image of a vehicle that is sent out on all third-party feeds and the dealers’ website.

Transparent overlay on first photo:

Overlay on first photo:

Statement photo added to photo run:

Making sure that you provide information is crucial. Customers are spending a higher percentage of time online as they may be working remotely. This allows the customer the extra time to visit more platforms to make a better buying decision. Stock photos are becoming more and more ineffective, so the customer seeing the actual images of the vehicle is a huge advantage.

The DEP IMS system produces the highest quality images in the industry. The IMS system does not resize images, for the system keeps the highest quality image and sends it out to all third-party feeds. Sites like, and Cargurus have now all gone to larger photo displays on SRP and VDP pages; it is a must to have high-quality images being sent to those platforms.

For more information on the DEP IMS system, please reach out to the DEP inventory team. Thank you and please be safe.

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