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Brand Image and The Socially-Conscious Consumer

By November 5, 2020No Comments
Dealership brand image

Today’s consumer is overwhelmed with options when it comes to making a purchase, which means that they’re taking into consideration more than just the vehicles you have on the lot. The socially-conscious consumer is doing their research and analyzing your brand image.

Let’s start with the basics, what does brand image really mean? Simply defined, brand image is the way a business or product is perceived by a customer or potential customer. Your paid advertising, social media platforms, organic messaging, and website content all say something about your dealership before the consumer has even made the decision to walk through your door. It’s important to note that brand image doesn’t stop there. It continues through every step of the buying process and thereafter. So, ask yourself, are you living up to your perceived image?

If you’re unsure what your brand image is, it’s never too late to redefine yourself. Many dealerships don’t give themselves enough credit for all the great things they’re doing! Think about what you’re doing that the dealership down the street isn’t and how you’re supporting your community. Are you eco-friendly? Do you give back to local charities? How are you keeping your customers and employees safe during COVID-19? Do you pride yourself in life-long customers and your overwhelming amount of positive customer reviews? Are you a family owned business that makes each of your customers feel at home? Everyone has something that makes them unique, what’s your thing? That’s your brand image.

Automotive brand image

Now that we have that figured out, let’s circle back to your online presence. Take the time to make sure that your messaging is cohesive across all platforms and that it’s saying what you want it to say about your business. This is your first impression, so make it a good one. Research shows that the average shopper makes only two dealerships visits before purchasing a vehicle. Live up to the brand image that helped get your customer through the door and you may just have yourself a deal!