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​Why Your Dealership Needs A Digital Retailing Solution

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Digital Retailing

Technology is moving faster than ever, and we’re thankful it is during these times. The challenge is to find the tools that work not only for your dealership but for your consumers while they are shopping at home.

As we move further into 2020, a common trend all dealers have seen is the ability to complete the car buying process completely online. With SARA, our Smart Digital Retailing Assistant, this process has become so simple!

To understand why this tool is essential for every dealership, we must understand what it can do. There are many ways a digital retailing tool can benefit a dealership:

  • Increase leads walking into the dealership
  • Increased transparency and trust
  • Adding options for F&I to upsell/generate revenue
  • Shorten the sales process for consumers
  • Get more information on customers before they walk into the dealership

We know buyers are looking for the right car, the right payment, and the right location to purchase from. They want to know how much it is going to cost to put the vehicle they desire in front of their house.

This requires CONVENIENCE, ACCURACY, and TRANSPARENCY. When your dealership has the right digital retailing solution it provides the right information at the right time. Meaning — it is not overwhelming for the buyer. That’s where SARA comes in.

All your customers have to do is provide their vehicle of interest, name and address, submit their trade-in info, and the tool does the rest of the work. SARA completes a real-time soft credit pull, values their trade using the book of your choice, and provides the customer their equity position. Then they can pick a lender and terms they prefer, add any F&I products and can also select any accessories of their choice.

The customer has quickly completed the process and your dealership receives a structured deal and a consumer credit scorecard directly to your CRM. SARA provides you the information upfront and allows your customers to have a quicker, smoother experience at the dealership. The reality is that you need to pick a solution that works for your team and your organization. SARA is that innovative solution!

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