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Automotive Marketing Facts: Working Social Media

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Working Social Media the Way It Works preview

Working with Social Media the Way It Works

Businesses who are getting the most from their social media focus their posts on engagement rather than impressions. If social media is a numbers game, then the number is one. If someone says something nice about your store, send a response. If someone says something bad about your store acknowledge it, in most cases. There is still a long list of dealerships blasting out self-promoting tweets and Facebook posts. Don’t do it. If you want to advertise on these mediums then buy ads, but don’t replace the chance for one-on-one interaction with broadcast posts. Will other people see your response to that one individual customer? Yes, that’s part of the beauty of it. Do you have to wait for your customer to talk about you? No, you can empathize with them when their dog dies, press like when they show a picture of their children, and you can darn sure comment on how happy it makes you to see them getting out and enjoying their new car. That said, when someone says something about your store online, you absolutely need to know about it. We are now including social media and reputation management software with every new website for our franchised dealers. Knowing what to say and when to say it starts with knowing what comes out of your customers’ keyboards and smart phones, and that’s a fact.