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Automotive Marketing Facts: Why VDPs on the Dealer’s Site are Valued Higher

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Why VDPs on the Dealer’s Site Are Valued Higher

Transcript: Maria, I’ve noticed more and more listings sites partnering with Lot Linx to take the shopper to the VDP on the dealer’s website, rather than a VDP on the third-party sites, and these VDPs are selling at a premium. That’s right Dennis. The VDP on the dealer’s site can be a better consumer experience and is always better for the dealer. VDPs on third-party sites come with ad links that send the shopper off to things the dealer has nothing to do with. But not all dealer site VDPs are created equally either. Conversion on the dealer’s site will be higher if the site includes downloadable brochures and owner’s manuals, crash-test ratings, green scores, the awards and accolades the vehicle won in the model year it was created, and testimonials on the VDP. That sounds like a lot of work. Not for the dealer. The website provider should provide all this vehicle content automatically. It’s important to know how many VDPs you’re getting, but even more important to recognize some VDPs are worth many times more than others, and that’s a fact.