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Automotive Marketing Facts: Utilizing All Four Lead Types

By December 8, 2015April 24th, 2020No Comments
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Utilizing All Four Lead Types

There are four lead types come from dealers’ websites into their CRM: Email lead forms, phone tracking, chat, and texting.
The Dealer eProcess offerings through the new Kia Digital Certified Solutions program is the first time all four lead types have been included in even the most basic website offering. There are lots of eyes upon this program because the promise for great rewards is crystal clear, although just beginning to be realized. The first benefit to dealers will be more leads. Chat and texting may cannibalize a few leads which would otherwise have been phone or email leads, but there is virtually always a net increase in the number of leads when all four lead types are made available to shoppers. The second benefit will be data, because any system not capturing and reporting all four lead types cannot possibly tell the dealer what the true conversion rate of the site is or could be. Every lead form works, if you work it, and that’s a fact.

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