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Automotive Marketing Facts: Third Party Site Attribution

By November 10, 2015April 24th, 2020No Comments
Third Party Site Attribution preview

Third Party Site Attribution

I saw some research indicating that those visitors to a dealer’s site who had first been to the third party site were four times more likely to soon buy a vehicle than was the case with the average dealer site visitor. I would certainly hope so, because a hefty percentage of dealer site visitors are there for service or parts. If you want to know the impact of third-party sites on the shopper’s subsequent activity on a dealer site, you need to make the comparison to site visitors who visit inventory or take some other action indicating their purpose is sales related. This same gimmick is often used with website tools, comparing the likelihood of buying a car among those who used the tool to that of everyone else. When that everyone else includes visitors for parts and service it becomes a ridiculous comparison. Dealer sites are for more than sales. Forgetting that fact when it comes time to do analysis will likely send you in the wrong direction, and that’s a fact.