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Automotive Marketing Facts: The Same Data on Any Device

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The Same Data on Any Device

TRANSCRIPT: Maria, we all know shoppers are frequently shopping on multiple devices before they go to the store. A responsive website transforms itself to fit the device the shopper is on, so all the information is the same on every device, right? While that is true on a number of systems, it is also not the case with many responsive designs. One way to rush to market with a responsive website is to allow some content to completely disappear at one or more breakpoints. The result is a poor shopper experience. The layout of the data should change from device to device, but the data should not. Some things may be more important to the average shopper on a mobile phone or a tablet compared to the average shopper while on a desktop or laptop, but shoppers don’t care about averages. They want to find the information they need when they need it. Not only are individuals shopping across devices, they are sharing content on tablets and other mobile devices. So, the information a guy finds on his desktop had better be on his mobile phone or tablet when trying to show it to his wife or he’s not going to get that new truck and they may never even see him at the store, and I know that’s a fact.