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Automotive Marketing Facts: The Latest Thing vs. The Old Things

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The Latest Thing vs. The Old Things preview

The Latest Thing vs the Old Things

Is it necessary to know the latest thing about the latest social media site? It might be helpful, but it’s probably not as important as having great vehicle photos, videos and description, answering the phone right, making chat and texting available, and having a website that adds to your inventory merchandising. We call these things basic not because they’re simple, they are not. We call them basic because they are fundamental to a dealer’s success. Day in and day out vehicle merchandising, lead handling, and having a great website on all devices are critical elements of success. It’s as fundamental as having nine baseball players on a field. Sadly, most dealers are playing without a first baseman while someone’s trying to talk to them about a new brand of cleats. Staying up with the latest technology is encouraged, but execution on the basics is what your customers demand, and that’s a fact.