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Automotive Marketing Facts: The Case for a Two Site Solution

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The Case for a Two Site Solution

Over 60% of franchised dealers have a mandated website that is not responsive and does not convert well. Hundreds of them choose to have two websites, a primary site they drive traffic to and their mandated website. This is a no brainer for average to large stores, where an increase in site conversion of even one half of one percent is worth more to the store than the entire cost of the second website. Now it makes sense for many smaller stores as well. It is becoming very difficult to make the new stair-step sales targets with a mandated site. If the dealer is going to chase the OEM’s sales targets, bypassing the OEM mandated website is nearly essential. Here are some of the obvious and immediate gains that come from adding a superior, responsive site: It actually works for the 10-15% of your site visitors who are on tablet computers. Conversion rates are improved with downloadable brochures and owner’s manuals, awards and accolades, NHTSA crash test rating, EPA green scores, more and more better calls to action. And built-in SEO at the VIN level. None of this exists on any mandated website. If you want to continue to cost effectively succeed with the stair step goals, you’ll probably need to blow off your mandated website, and that’s a fact.