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Spanish Websites

We recently collaborated on an article about customer centric websites for dealers published in Car Biz Today magazine. I was especially impressed with your contribution regarding stepping up to the language requirements of shoppers. You made specific reference to Spanish language sites. What are the alternatives and the advantages? The alternative to a fully translated site is to use a simple Google Translate plugin to change the language the customer sees. The problem with using Google Translate, or a similar product, is that to the fluent Spanish speaker the site reads as disjointed and inauthentic. By creating a true Spanish site from the ground up, you speak to the customer in a way that is more inviting and engaging for them. There are massive advantages to reaching the Spanish speaking audience with a fully dedicated Spanish site. By creating a full Spanish site today, you are setting yourself up as the primary dealer that Hispanic shoppers in your community will most closely relate with; both today and in the future. Becoming the first dealer in your market to truly speak to the Hispanic community will make it very hard for your competition to beat you when it comes to winning Spanish speaking customers. Winning over Spanish speaking shoppers takes more than just Spanish speaking sales people in the store. It takes a website that reflects your care and interest in meeting the needs of that community, and that’s a fact.