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Automotive Marketing Facts: Solving the Customer’s Biggest Pain Point

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Solving the Customer's Biggest Pain Point

Solving The Consumer’s Biggest Pain Point

Millions of dollars are being spent to solve what is often thought to be the consumer’s biggest pain point in shopping for a vehicle, the negotiation and transaction process. There is a big effort to shorten the time it takes to get through this process. That is all well and good, but is that really the biggest pain point, the minutes or hours spent working with the dealership on the transaction? Or is it the days, weeks, and months shoppers spend going back and forth with each other before they every even visit the dealership? In my entire life, the number of times I purchase a vehicle of any kind without the involvement of a friend or family member has been one. That’s not everyone’s experience, but it’s pretty typical. Even when they show up at the store alone for the purchase process, there is often someone else with them online or at the store during off hours before they ever talk to anyone from the dealership. A better shopping experience can sell more cars, so do more than shortening the transaction time. Add the assets shoppers need to review together to your website. Give them the manufacturer brochure and the downloadable owner’s manual, for new cars and used cars too. Show them the awards and accolades the vehicle won. Show the crash test ratings and green scores. Menu the features and specifications so people can actually find the information that’s important to them. Understand where the biggest opportunity for gain lies and address it. Some people will leave your store without buying from you, but thousands will leave your website without ever visiting your store, and that’s a fact.